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Truth Busters Pt. 2
Over 30 years of ministry I have watched the foundation of the church move from biblical truth to convenient truth.  We are witnessing across America today an insurgence of people’s perceptions and ideologies controlling the atmosphere and airwaves of sensibility! There is no common sense any longer because we have no common truths in which we all agree upon. We are certainly living in dangerous times! I urge you to listen to this message because I believe this message can absolutely save you from our culture today!



Truth Busters
Jesus said, “The truth will set you free!” If you don’t know a particular truth in an area then there is an ideology that’s absolutely wreaking havoc in you life. This message will challenge your ideologies concerning the Word of God and provide you with a depth of blessing you have never experienced before. This message is foundational and a must for every believer!



Child's Play
Have you found your place in the body of Christ? Your most important assets are individuals who are in agreement with you. Individuals whose destiny is intertwined with your destiny in helping you determine the plan God has for your life. This message will allow you to add these Individuals as assets to your inner circle! This message will absolutely revolutionize your thought process moving forward with God’s plan for your life!



The Power of Baptism
If you do not have a thorough understanding of the significance of Water Baptism then this message is for you! In this message Pastor John will take the topic of Water Baptism to its roots where through scripture you will discover the “Power of Water Baptism”! Learn the importance, significance, and power of Water Baptism in one of the most comprehensive teachings ever produced on the subject!



The Source of All Life
The content of this message will absolutely energize every area of your life! Move from static energy to dynamic energy and plug into the kingdom! Through this message let the power of the word overcome every area of chaos that the enemy is using to try and overwhelm you. Energize your walk with the Lord, energize your finances, energize your relationships, energize your …… !



The Power of Selfies
Take a walk through scripture with Pastor John and discover the keys that God gave to Israel to release his kingdom on Earth. Learn how Jesus and the Apostle Paul reinforced the kingdom as the source of all prosperity; the release of all blessings! Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to this powerful message!



The House of Scream
Have you made mistakes in certain areas of your life that you have had difficulty coming to terms with? In this message Dr. Muratori shares a verse of scripture he received from the Lord that will help you have success in these areas. This message will be liberating for you and allow you forgive yourself and walk in the fullness that God has for your life.



Word Power
In this message I use a powerful portion of Scripture from the book of Romans. In this portion of Scripture Paul explains to the church at Rome that the advantage of Judaism is the oracle of God. What is the power of the Jewish people? What allows them to always be the head and not the tail? The Apostle Paul explains that it’s because the Jewish people exercise the power of the Word. We have lost something in the body of Christ! An understanding of how to use the Word of God! If you want to see God move in your life listen to this message and learn how to unleash the power of the Word of God!



The Four Natures of Man
Over thirty years of ministry Pastor John has been dealing with the “People Who Gather at the Steeple”. In his years of ministry he has learned about four types of individuals that function with completely different natures. It is absolutely critical that you begin to identify these four types of natures that operate in man for you to be successful. Be sure to listen to this message! This message can revolutionize your walk with the Lord!


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