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The Year of Giving
The Year of Giving



God I Need More Dough
God I Need More Dough



Field of Dreams
Field of Dreams



First Things First
This message is the first installment of the “First Things First” series.  The message deals with the foundation of man. This is the literal foundation that we stand on to receive all blessings and intimacy and spiritual maturity. It is necessary for you to understand these principles and truths for you to rest on! To put God “FIRST” in every area of your life! The principles contained in this message will set the premise to allow God to explode in your life!



God of Our Tomorrow
This message contains a worldview you must adopt in your life in order for you to navigate those times and seasons when you need to say God control my future! “Today” I am going to worship you and trust you!  When I am looking at an uncertain future I am going to put my trust in “The God Of Our Tomorrow”!



The Art of Provision Pt.4
In the fourth and final installment of the Art of Provision series Pastor John shares with you the most important area of personal development that has influenced his level of success over the past 27 years of ministry!  The seven principles contained in this message need to be ingrained in you as a way of life! Learn and implement these winning principles and develop a winning culture in order for you to fulfill God’s plan for your life! You absolutely need to listen to the four installments of The Art of Provision series to understand the importance of a winning attitude and a winning culture necessary to find the success that God has planned for your life!



The Art of Provision Pt.3
In the third installment of the Art of Provision series Pastor John continues with the theme of how to develop a winning culture and a winning attitude in your life. This is what Israel was desperate for under the leadership of Moses. They needed to adapt a winning culture in order to obtain the Promised Land. We must adapt and maintain that winning culture in order to succeed in every area of our lives!



A Christmas To Remember
In this message Dr. Muratori takes you back 2000 years and shares with you the real deal about Christmas! What is the greatest gift of all? Listen to this message and find out!



The Art of Provision Pt.2
In the second installment of the Art of Provision series we move from the wilderness to the Promised Land. Joshua leads a generation into the Promised Lane in order to inherit everything that God has for us. What will it take for us to succeed in the worldview and culture of the Promised Land? To succeed we need to be mentored for success! To learn about the seeds and revelations required to have a winning culture! To be sure that your life style, your family, your heritage has a winning culture!


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