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The Four Natures of Man
Over thirty years of ministry Pastor John has been dealing with the “People Who Gather at the Steeple”. In his years of ministry he has learned about four types of individuals that function with completely different natures. It is absolutely critical that you begin to identify these four types of natures that operate in man for you to be successful. Be sure to listen to this message! This message can revolutionize your walk with the Lord!



Round and Round We Go
Are you experiencing cycles in your life that have been a repetitive destructive influence? Cycles that you have been unsuccessful in breaking. Do you want a fruitful relationship with the Lord? Do you want success in you life with consistency year after year? If the answer is yes, then I challenge you today to listen to this message so that you can establish a cycle of success in your life that will bring you into God’s Destiny!



Tomorrow's A New Day
There will be seasons in your life where you need to know him as “The God of My Tomorrow”! If you want to secure your future and get through the most difficult times in your life – then this message contains a revelation you absolutely need to hear! How do you see your future? Let the Lord take stewardship over your future and you will learn to trust him to get through today’s battles.



Outpouring Of Acceleration
The subject of transition is critical for you in your walk with the Lord. You are constantly in a state of transition. You are evolving. Who you used to be is no longer, and who you are becoming God is bringing you to that place. In this message Dr. Muratori describes the principles and the steps you must be disciplined to take in order for you to have a successful transition.



Divine Appointments
In this message Pastor John describes how God regularly establishes and creates appointments in what is our simplistic human lives. The calendar God uses marks “Divine Appointments” in our lives! I don’t know about you but I have some important appointments to keep that I am unwilling to break for any reason. You and I can’t afford to let the things of this world get in the way of our “Divine Appointments”! This message will assist you in keeping the divine appointments God has scheduled for you; and even in restoring divine appointments you may have missed. This message can absolutely alter your future!



The Fuel Of Christianity
I am going to share with you what I believe is an “Achilles Heel” of why some believers have difficulty maintaining intimate relationships with the Lord. Especially those individuals that have been on fire for a season and then fall off! If you have lost your zeal and are not on fire for the Lord you must evaluate your fuel source? Is it dry timber? Do you need to convert to the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit?



Private Parts
“When I am weak then I am strong”. When I fall on my knees and I don’t have an answer I am in my most powerful state because I yield my purposes to God and he begins to work on my behalf. Learn in this message why “Purpose” is more valuable to God than any level of prayer, and how to access God for resources and anointing for your life!



The Promise Maker
This is the type of message you will go back to time and time again for encouragement. Just as David had to encourage himself in the Lord during his most difficult days. In this message, Pastor John provides you with the means to continue to encourage yourself when you are facing your most difficult trials. When everyone else walks out, this is the message that walks in!


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