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The Art of Provision
The Art of Provision



Give Abundantly, Live Abundantly
Requirements have never been easier to be a Christian! Say the prayer of salvation, maybe water baptism, place a little money in the offering, come to church for an hour or two every week. Your good, you’re going to heaven! Yes, Jesus came so that we could be saved and that’s most important, but is that all that Jesus came to offer?  Jesus came so we might have life and have it more abundantly. The abundant life from God can be defined as the Fruit of the Spirit  - power, wisdom, hope, joy, peace, love. Money will come and money will go but real abundance only comes through what God can give us. God gives abundantly, so we can live abundantly! Listen to this entire message and live life more abundantly!



Place of Permanence
The life of Moses is captivating and his calling, anointing, and gifting are something that we can model our lives after. Following the Exodus Moses dealt with people in the wilderness. People stuck in the wilderness that needed to be set free from bondage, trials, and tribulations. Are you stuck in a wilderness funk? Is that where your address is? Do you have ministers that coddle you or are you ready for Joshua style leadership that is going to equip you to be a warrior and teach you how to fight giants! Get ready for a spiritual address change and move from the wilderness to the promised land.



Demonology Pt.2
Pastor John concludes his series on spiritual warfare with this second and final installment. Spiritual warfare, principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness, authority, binding and loosening, taking control of the strong man. These are the subjects that as believers you must understand; and then be released and anointed with a specific assignment to deal with them. I implore you to listen to the two messages in the “Demonology” series. The information contained in these messages will change your life!



The subject of spiritual warfare spans the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness. Principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places is present throughout the Bible. Jesus has given you authority to deal with these principalities and powers. In the gospels Jesus models authority and then gives the authority to the disciples; now go do what I have done.  This is a two part mini-series you don’t want to miss!



Rejecting Rejection
How many of you have dealt with the issue of rejection? Reject rejection by ensuring that you love yourself so you can love others.  Repentance is our entrance to salvation and with it a right relationship with God and heavenly affirmation! God wants to heal you from the root of rejection! Listen to this message and shake the chains of rejection from your life!



Standing in the Gap
Are you putting off what God is asking you to do today? Don’t be like Jonah where God asked him to do something and he went in another direction!  You must develop a strategy in order to stand in the gap. You must draw near to God, discern the times, have a kingdom perspective, and be persistent. If you need a strategy so that you can prayerfully “Stand in the Gap” you must listen to this message.



The Passion of Life
There is some purpose in your life that you have not allowed God to develop. Nehemiah accesses the will of God and with his passion ignites all Israel to rebuild the wall. God is looking for some Nehemiah’s today! Are you a vessel that God can use to revolutionize the world around you? I believe every believer has a unique calling, a unique ministry, a unique assignment in their life that God would like to use. If you want to ignite a fire in your walk with the Lord you must listen to this message. 



Truth Busters Pt. 2
Over 30 years of ministry I have watched the foundation of the church move from biblical truth to convenient truth.  We are witnessing across America today an insurgence of people’s perceptions and ideologies controlling the atmosphere and airwaves of sensibility! There is no common sense any longer because we have no common truths in which we all agree upon. We are certainly living in dangerous times! I urge you to listen to this message because I believe this message can absolutely save you from our culture today!


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